I’m VM and this is my blog, Physics and Civics. It used to be called Root Privileges.

I write here about science, scicomm and scepticism from an Indian PoV, and occasionally about Tamil cinema and politics and journalism in India. Within science itself, I’m interested in high-energy and condensed matter physics, research misconduct and fraud, and the history of science.

I have previously worked at The Hindu, Scroll.in and Brainwave Magazine (defunct). I have also written for Hindustan Times, Quartz, Physics World and Wissenschaft im Dialog.

I was part of the founding team of The Wire and am currently editor of The Wire Science. Everything I write on this blog is my opinion and not that of my employers or colleagues.

The contents of this blog belong to me and are not available to republish or reproduce in any format. Also please don’t send guest post requests or offers for native advertising. I won’t entertain them.

Comments are disabled here. My professional email ID is available on the The Wire Science website; to contact me about anything related to this blog, please write to 0wrv94pr at duck dot com. I’m on Twitter as @1amnerd.